International Programme Fees

CISV International is a non-profit, volunteer organization. The only fee that is collected is one to offset administrative costs associated with the programmes such as: Insurance, leadership training and paperwork. The total cost of hosting the programmes is born by the chapter holding the program.

Note: CISV Singapore’s fees are subject to change based on fees established by the International governing body, CISV International. Check with the Chapter representative to be sure of current costs.

2016-17 Fees:

Village                                       $1,600
Interchange                              $1,300
Junior Councilor                      $  1,800
Seminar Camp                         $1,800
Step-Up Camp                          $1,600
Youth Meeting (8 day)            $750 (Individual)
Youth Meeting (8 day)            $750 (6-person delegation)
Youth Meeting (15 day)          $1,200 (Individual)
Youth Meeting (15 day)          $950 (6-person delegation)
IPP     (21 day)                          $1,000
IPP     (16 day)                          $650

Programme Cost Structure Example

The following is an example of the costs that would be expected for a Village Delegate. Travel costs are variable and depend on the programme location. Some programmes: Village and Step Up Camp, divide the leaders airfare among the delegates. A typical breakdown of costs for a programme that includes an adult leader (i.e. village, interchange and summer camp) is shown below:

*** Example of the expected Village delegate programs costs:

Program Fee                                  $1,600
Family Membership Fee              $50
Child’s Airfare to destination      $650  (example only)
1/4 Leaders Airfare $650/4        $162.50

Total (example fee)                      $2,462.50

Typically parents are allowed to send their children with up to $200 spending money.

There are also some incidental expenditures that arise in preparation for the delegation to travel (Passports, if required, Gifts for host family, t-shirts to trade with other campers etc)

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